Performance Upgrades

So we find ourselves in a position where we are low on finances. This is where Goldstar IT has a solution for you. Our engineers can finely tune any machine to produce a performance in speed by performing a health check and then advise you what the best step is to upgrade your hardware to make your machine run more smoother and load applications faster.

Internet Services

We are also able to provide training for those who would like to utilise the internet to maybe work from home. The training covered can be basic typing skills to word/excel/powerpoint & publisher.


We have many years of networking experience so all our engineers can analyse a network and suggest improvements to increase resilience aswell as scalability upgrades. There is some areas where fibre may not be available and you have to rely on ADSL. We have a special piece of hardware that can increase the speed of your internet connection. This has been tested and confirmed to work by BT.

Support & Training

When using computers for the first time or learning how to be safe while shopping online it can be a little daunting. We have a team of engineers that are able to show you how to surf the web and stay safe from pages which maybe setup by a hacker to steal your personal information. There has been a surge of card related crime all accross the internet and steps need to be taken now to avoid being caught out.

The team can also show you how to upgrade your own PC/Laptop/Software in the future so that you can keep using the latest versions of software as they normally have a pre-requisite of requiring more hardware power as time passes.


• Desktops
• Laptops
• Data Storage – Backup
• Servers
• Printers
• Network Hardware